Welcome to the Virtual Exhibition of "Human Nature" by Stephen Spartana


This exhibition was first shown at American Center for Physics in April 2019. This virtual exhibition was made possible thanks to the American Physical Society, and the Society of Physics Students' summer internship program. Additional thanks to Artsteps and their amazing virtual gallery software!

About the Artist

In his photographs, Stephen Spartana interweaves figurative and natural elements to mine our symbiotic relationship: “We are of the earth, and how we treat our environment affects us all.” Each image represents an admixture chance and design, resulting from various analog films, digital media, computer software, and printing surfaces. Up close, recognizable details emerge from his impressionist dreamscapes: a limb here and a hand there gracefully mingle with bits of moss and trees, leaving traces of time’s passage. Seminal influences include photographers Henri Cartier-Bresson’s “decisive moment” and Pete Turner’s belief that transparency “isnt the end but the beginning,” and Georgia O’Keefe’s floral paintings, whose sensuous forms evoke the female body.

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List of Works

  1. Age
  2. Blowing Bubbles
  3. Bubbling Over
  4. Drifting Through Time
  5. Fallen Vision
  6. Falls Deluge
  7. Flow of Nature
  8. Flow of Water
  9. Flying These Days
  10. Heart of the Rose
  11. In the Red Zone
  12. In Pieces
  13. Inside Out
  14. Inter-Twined
  15. Iris Enclosed
  16. Leaves in the Fall
  17. Life, Birth
  18. Lilly
  19. Look in the Mirror
  20. Orange
  21. Orchid Within
  22. Reaching Out
  23. Rooted
  24. Sleeping on Rock
  25. Statue
  26. Stones
  27. Venice Ghost
  28. Warm Hug
  29. Water Way
  30. Yellow