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Ask & Experiment has experiments for you to try at home, activity books to download, PhysicsQuest resources for your school or after school group, and a way you can get your physics questions answered by real physicists.


PhysicsQuest, a free competition for 6-9th grade students and after school groups, consisting of four science experiments that give students clues to solve a mystery. Classes can submit their answers online and be entered in a random drawing for prizes. PhysicsQuest kits are free to registered classrooms and groups. 

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Canister Rocket

Make your own rocket with some antacids and a film canister


Physics in the Kitchen: The Dancing Ping Pong Ball

Amaze your friends with the dancing ping pong ball. It's not magic...It's science!

Weight on Other Planets

If a person stepped on a home bathroom scale, and weighed 170 lbs, he would weigh a different weight on this same scale when on other planets due to the force of gravity.

If, however, a person stepped on a professional medical scale — the kind with weights attached that you slide (as opposed to a bathroom scale) and weighed 170 pounds on Earth, would the weight of the person be the same on the other planets as it is on Earth (170 lbs)? This has become a bone of contention in an otherwise ideal marriage.

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