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Spectroscopy allows scientists to collect data on forests at an incredible rate!

Imaging Forests for Environmental Assessments
Airborne spectroscopy allows scientists to collect data on forests at an unprecedented rate.

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3D and Polarization at Home
Grab some 3D glasses for this home experiment

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People in Physics


James Roche
James Roche is part artist, part skateboarder, part physicist, and full time funny man. This physicist and APS project coordinator knows how to make any experience fun and exciting. Physics after all, can be funny.

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Physics Buzz

Ask a Physicist: The Shapiro Delay
Adhersh from India, wants to know:What will be the behavior of light when it passes between two highly massive bodies?Adhersh,Let’s elaborate a bit on your question, to make it into that most powerful of theoretical physics tools: a thought experimen..

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Death From the Skies
Philip Plait
"The Universe is trying to kill you. It's nothing personal. It's trying to kill me too" Astronomer, Phil Plait, describes how everything from asteroids to gamma ray burst would end impact the Earth.

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